Harley rear swing arm alignment

The Harley-Davidson Service Manual has a good explanation of the alignment procedure. The stand is also ideal for storage and preventing flat spots on wheels. The rear wheel must be in alignment with the front wheel. The paragraphs below are a photo journey into the replacement of a FL or FXR swing arm. Read Book Harley Engine Alignment Procedureon a Dyna is by the two little "witness marks" on the rear swing arm. Alignment I checked the rear pulley alignment by measuring the exact distance on right and left side, from swing arm axle to rear wheel axle, they were off 1/16" to 1/8" I felt it was more important to have the rear pulley (side plate) align in an exact parallel with the belt; than the axle to axle measurements. Show details. Allen wrench that fits in the screw hole left when removing the cover. front & rear wheels out of alignment, but it sounds like you say there's not that much potential movement even there to stabilize. The frame stand is installed under the frame in front of the rear transmission mount. $815. 50 Pack - #11105 O-Ring Replacement for Harley Davidson Oil Drain Plug Oring (Orange Color) $9. Because the rear If I align the wheel to be true using an alignment tool between rear axle & swing arm spindle centres, the belt tends to drift towards the inside flange of the rear pulley, which is just enough for the belt to rub against the white wall tyre. Remove stock fender assembaly and rear wheel. Harley '08-'17 FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic, FLSTSE Softail Convertible, FXST Softail Standard, FXSTB Night Train and FXSTC Softail Custom 8108 Harley '00-'07 Softail (Except '00-'07 FXSTD Deuce) Front Wheel, Rear Wheel and Swing Arm; Forks, Triple Tree, Axle, Brake Master Cylinder, Brake Caliper; 2006 HARLEY 88 CUBIC REAR WHEEL 5X16 5 SPOKE 2007 HARLEY 93 CRUISE CONTROL SET UP 2006 HARLEY 96 TWIN CAM FRAME 2007 HARLEY 103 HEAD LIGHT AND CONNECTORS 2012 HARLEY 106 FLHTP TOUR PAC TRUNK INTERCHANGE 1988 HARLEY 883 883 X1H 4 SPEED TRANSMISSION Rocker Arm Shaft Kit fits Harley-Davidson. 00. (pic 1) 2. 6. com The swing arm assembly is coupled to a main frame member 118 The motorcycle 100 is similar to a Harley-Davidson model generally known as a "soft tail"; however, any motorcycle of any manufacturer which utilizes a similar rear wheel swing arm suspension system is equally applicable. This also affects swing arm alignment. One on each side of the swingarm. 1. so false alarm! Harley rear swing arm alignment Harley rear swing arm alignment Now, if you're talking about the alignment of the rear wheel in the swing arm, the RK has the adjusters on the rear of the swing arms's arms. A 1. Roughly: You will need TWO, long, STRAIGHT edges that will go from behind the rear tire to in front of the front tire. Now - Let’s Get Er’ Done • Pre-2002 had weak swing arms and are known To check swing arm bearings raise rear wheel off the ground grab rear wheel at furthest point from swing arm and try to move wheel from left to right if there is any slop in the bearings you will feel the movement however any movement could also be from a wheel bearing grab top and bottom of wheel and try to twist it any slop in that bearing will be felt then alignment with the front wheel…” Good question. Go straight to a late model rear wheel with the 25mm rear axle and upgrade your caliper at the same time. 25" toe out. In some countries, manufacturers call a swingarm a "swinging arm". USA Frankenstein Trikes Trike Axle Conversion Kit Rear End Swing Arm Harley Dyna. Rear axle block adjuster kit. Online Library Harley Engine Alignment Procedure Engine alignment | Harley Davidson V-Rod Forum if you have done any major work to the bike and after replacing the wheels etc,, once you have done "fall away" on the front and the rear wheel alignment you need to check total alignment. Joined Dec 7, 2011. On the last two rear tires on a HD FatBoy, I have noticed that the tire is worn more to the right of center than anywhere else, and I am talking by a good amount. I would use the spacer on the 3" swinger. 3. 4. To make things more difficult, the rear wheel can be offset up to 15mm relative to the front (depending on model). To cure these handling problems, the motor/swingarm assembly needs to remain aligned with chassis. Harley rear swing arm alignment Refer to the Harley Davidson service manual for the model and year before installing the kit. The front wheel laser is then turned on and the front wheel is set so Softail Swing Arm Here is a Harley Davidson Softail swing arm off of a 2014 703-476-6607. The motorcycle rear suspension mainly consists of a telescopic shock-absorber on each side and swingarms. This can often be out of alignment and cause poor handling. Above: Top axle is 5/8" FXR or EVO Dresser. it is designed so that the wheel sits slightly off to the left of the center of the bike, which seems very strange to me. Our radial styled rear sections were designed for use on Harley "swing-arm" frames. For clearance to remove factory swing arm support bracket on the right side Swing Arm Alignment Checking & Adjustment. , the swing arm 94 and shocks 98) is positioned adjacent the inwardly-facing surfaces 146 of the pivot mounting portion 62 of the frame 14, as shown in FIG. But, Harley used rubber bushings to give it the plush ride. If I align the wheel to be true using an alignment tool between rear axle & swing arm spindle centres, the belt tends to drift towards the inside flange of the rear pulley, which is just enough for the belt to rub against the white wall tyre. #2 · May 9, 2015. Then checked the front and rear sections of the left axle slide with the vernia height gauge. 16. Figure 2 Note: Insure belt path is over and under Swing Arm When aligning a rubber mounted drive train, I start by insuring the rear axle and swingarm shaft are exactly the "Same Distance" apart on both sides of the motorcycle. Add a custom look while improving the ride and handling with a light weight 7046-T651 high strength aluminum swing arm. Yeah, a very scary thought when you’re heading into a turn at 70mph and you feel the rear end wiggle around. Set the hooked end of the alignment tool in the center of the rear axle. Yup, on Dynas, Touring bikes and 04up Sportsters that is one thing to check is the top motor mount heim joint to make sure the engine is properly aligned. 7 watching. Hide details. The reason this presents a problem is because the swing arm (the rear suspension member of the motorcycle, which is the pivot point) is mounted to the aft end of the transmission on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. ADJUSTMENT. 4,288 Posts. SPUTHE ALUMINUM SWING ARMS. Remove the two bolts (w/lockwashers) to free the right rear swingarm bracket from frame and remove bracket. Our TAB shocks for the Harley Davidson FLH model are made out of 304 Stainless steel and have a T-6 6061 top frame mount cap with 1/2 inch spherical rod ends for the swingarm. However, it is the main part of the rear suspension setup of most modern motorcycles and ATVs. to easily accommodate This specific type of mount constrains the frame from motion. or Best Offer. move shocks position in swing arm bracket until you realise where if the holes where drilled it would secure and the The 280 & 330 tire motorcycle swingarm kits for 2008 & up Twin Cam Softails are available for: aftermarket rear brake calipers Harley-Davidson OEM rear brake calipers pulley-brake kits. After a period of time some of the motorcycles developed handling problems. The Straight Shooter is the only tool to align the rear swing arm/engine to the frame with laser accuracy and visual confirmation to improve handling and help eliminate the pesky and dangerous high speed wobble. The answer is the rear belt drive. You stick the short end into the common reference point (like the swing arm pivot) on both sides and you slide the tie wrap up or down the long section until it lines up with the axle bolt. When we talk about wheel alignment, we're referring to the rear wheel's position in the swingarm, and thus its alignment with the frame and the front wheel alignment with the front wheel…” Good question. Support motorcycle on a center stand and a scissor jack at rear of transmission. Each seat has been exclusively designed for CFE to fit every fender contour with perfection. January 27, 2010 4:26 AM PST. 95. Poor handling, abnormal tire wear? CAUTION: If your bike is handling poorly call your motorcycle mechanic and have them perform these steps! Harley Davidson The H-D manual suggests that wheel alignment should be done using straightedges. b. Nice ride, but it also means the rear swing arm can get deflected, creating a nice wallowing wiggle in turns some times. In either case, you have to expect that the swing arm will at some point during (up and down) rear wheel travel pass through the geometry where the longest chain length is needed. I have approx 1. turns out the swing arm is not bent or misaligned. $5,799. It’s usually as easy as undoing a couple of nuts and using the right C spanner to rotate to eccentric adjuster in the direction you need. Today, with the growth of STA-BO sales, the business name has been changed to Innovations/STA-BO, LLC, which is located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 25mm wheel bearsings. ” (July 2014): “Quick and Dirty Breaker Bar: Slip a piece of galvanized pipe over the end of your ratchet. These problems were related to the Cleveblock style bushings in the swing arm. 79. The swing arm assembly is coupled to a main frame member 118 The motorcycle 100 is similar to a Harley-Davidson model generally known as a "soft tail"; however, any motorcycle of any manufacturer which utilizes a similar rear wheel swing arm suspension system is equally applicable. Makes re-aligning your rear wheel a breeze. Loosen rear axle nuts. When I check the alignment marks on the swing arm they are not the same on both sides. The usually prescribed method is to support the bike, lay straight edges along the rear wheel, and measure the gaps at the front. Measure from the mark back to the center of the axle on each side. Harley Rear End Sway (Bagger Sway) OK, big Harleys (like my 04 Road King) have the swing arm pivot bolt attached to the frame like almost every other motorcycle. Remove the drive pully cover so you can access removal of the belt, Only loosten the drive belt nut, the drive belt will come out after the swing arm is removed. Also in 1993, he invented STA-BO I, swing arm stabilizer for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, FXR, FLT. Harley-Davidson FX/FL, FXD, FXR/FLHT/FLHR and Sportster. g. Soft Tails have rigid mount motors, no adjustment like that for those. From “M. Star Raider custom swing arm. i can see now that the chain and sprockets are definitely lined up. You can run a 150 rear tire upgrading from the OEM 130 size, using a 16" or 17" rim. The rear (axle) wheel must be aligned with the swing axis pivot. from the number plate to the floor and also a similar fixed point on the front to the floor (the most forward fairing bolt maybe) jack up bike rear end take a look at the shock mount on swing arm. $6,299. 5" extended swinger looks just about perfect with the fender in the stock location. S. un do bolt. I guess the pull on the belt could steer the bike some by displacing the swing arm alignment i. 97 - $81. to 13-3/8 in. (280/300mm tire) Star Raider Custom swing arm for 280 or 300mm fat tire kit. 29. The way I do it is move the wheel forward until the belt is too loose. Save swingarm bracket for future installation and save bolts and lockwashers for installation of rear mount. GoFur. The Outlaw Racing Swingarm Bearing Kit contains all of the bearings, bushings and seals needed to repair or refurbish your swingarm bearing Contains all of the bearings, shafts, seals and bushings required to rebuild a swing arm to factory specifications. The Rear wheel and swing arm must be connected to the Transmission & Engine to create a rigid Power Train Unit. # sp149906. 1990 FLH Swing Arm Here is a 1990 FLH swing arm in good shape with no cracks or damage ! 703-476-6607. I put a wide piece of masking tape on the swing arm from the alignment hole forward a few inches to prevent the magnet from scratching the paint. Newly added to your shopping cart. bowl my setup required the thicker comp. SOLVED: How do i align my engine in my 2007 harley - Fixya Download Free Harley Engine Online Library Harley Engine Alignment Procedure Engine alignment | Harley Davidson V-Rod Forum if you have done any major work to the bike and after replacing the wheels etc,, once you have done "fall away" on the front and the rear wheel alignment you need to check total alignment. The motorbike stand features vinyl-dipped lifting arms that won't scratch swingarms and can be adjusted from 10-1/4 in. Then, locking the vernia height gauge off, I swung it over to the right side. 0. #13 · Aug 1, 2020. Quick View. $6,333. i took apart the rear suspension and took off the fender to have a closer look at the swing arm. Note: Swing Arm not in production at this time. The rear wheel must be in alignment with the swingarm. 5. There’s no lining up the rear wheel, it stays a constant in the whole affair. $17. Tires: Tread (good), pressure and balance accurate. The pointer of the vernia shows the height of the left side. Direct access to content. The Pirate. Therefore, I misalign the wheel by about 3mm, which is just enough to let the belt drift out. 42,479 Posts. 1-J02169 option to purchase the Harley frame stand from Motor Tike for $75. As the rear suspension compresses, the geometry of the force The 90 degree bend lets you get around any obstacles. 14. If the PTU and Frame maintain alignment, so does the front and rear wheels. title 703-476-6607. With the laser-lines system, identical laser source / target units are attached to both front and rear wheels. Wide Tire Swing Arm Fender Conversions allows you to add a Wider Tire to the rear of your Bike. Use on custom big wheel bikes. With the machine in our frame jig, not only do we check the front area of the frame, we also fully examine the swing arm alignment. The TAB Kit comes complete with compressor,soleniod,hosing and switch. 33. Rear wheel is aligned with motorcycle frame. Back in those days, few manufacturers thought it was necessary to cast datum marks into the swingarm and those that were there tended to be inaccurate, so every time the chain was adjusted you needed to check the wheel alignment. e. But this “plunger” system is actually the predecessor of the swing arm rear suspension system being used today. Remove minimal parts to save time. Measure each bolt and when you get the proper belt tension with both bolts being the same length, you're aligned. Last additions - Frames , Swingarms and Shocks. The STA-BUL Rear stabilizer works by inhibiting lateral ( side to side ) movement of the swing arm pivot shaft. a. This is an excellent reference point for your frame stand installation location. my mrs is just the same, measure the bike whilst you are sat on it. 2. Remove the chrome plug from the right rear swing arm bracket. Insert a bolt into the mounting block to keep weld spatter from entering the tapped hole. 15. This item: Smooth Rider Stabilizer 1993-2008 Harley Davidson Touring Models. Nice job! Harley Davidson FLH/FLT Rear Air-Suspension kit. Jim's Machining Roller Rocker Kits 1732. The True Track was I believe developed for other M/C's first then the V Rod was added. Turn axle adjuster nuts (metric) on each side of swing-arm to adjust belt deflection. Our patented system with dual durometer rear mounts is designed with a vibration dampening urethane sandwiched between a hard urethane outer ring and a one piece aluminum CNC machined inner bushing and backing plate. 844 posts. The belt kept rubbing on the wheel. V-Track chassis anti wobble stabilizer corrects this situation by not allowing for any lateral movements of the engine within the main frame. Figure 2: The three forces all act on the swingarm at the rear axle; and their moments about the swingarm pivot can be calculated. 2003 Road King Frame Here is a very nice 2003 Road King Frame with clean Va. Our 280 / 300 tire motorcycle swingarm kits are bolt on replacements for the stock 1991-99 Harley Softail swing arms and they enable you to mount a 280 or 300 tire on your stock Evolution Softail without doing any modifications to the frame. Do not torque pivot bolt nut at this time. Swing arm alignments. Harley sells and inexpensive gauge for doing this job. Then I use two 8-ft fluorescent light bulbs for wheel alignment. I then inserted the pointed end of the nail into the alignment hole and placed the magnet on the swing arm and pulled it against the nail to snug it up to a 90 degree angle. We Offer a New M-8 Softail® Mono Shock Swing Arm for 250 rear tire for the Narrow Framed Bikes and M-8 280 Swing Arm for the M-8 Fatboy and Breakout. This means that the drivetrain in the touring bikes just floats around in the frame with nothing securing it but two hymn joints. well, good news. Remove the mount. bowl,because of my 240 wide tire,and my widened swing arm. The Harley I traded in had 248,130 miles on it with belt on back (replaced three times) and about 140,000 miles on the front add on belt (repaired about four times). • Swing arm marks align the rear axle to the swing arm, not the wheels to each other • Swing arm mark misalignment is magnified 9x, measured at the front wheel. Must have work 6 hours trying to fit the dam thing thru spacers with no sucess. See Figure 20. Uses New Steel Swing Arm, Off-Set Kit and Fender Conversion. As the rear suspension compresses, the geometry of the force • ProAligner™ resuts show 80% of motorcycles are misaligned using swing arm marks –even on new motorcycles. Measure each side from the flat to the end of the swingarm, to be sure rear axle is correctly located. aline the rear wheel. Two straight planks of wood (or pieces of metal, sturdy piece of plastic or similar - for simplicity I will use “plank” for the rest of the text - substitute with whatever straight and sturdy material you have found), long enough to get to the fro Harley’s swingarm attaches to the motor that is rubber mounted in the frame. Using OEM Spacer Tube and supplied washers (four ¾” flat washers), install Champion Swing Arm using OEM bolt, outside washers and nut. It holds the rear of the PTU in absolute alignment with the frame. As does the Harley Davidson mounted front and top engine stabilizers. Note: Rotor and pulley fitment tables are available here: Rotor Fitment Chart | Pulley Fitment Chart Touring Year Front Wheel Rear Wheel Standard (Harley) Harley Swing Arm Bushing, Harley Swing Arm Mounting Kit, Harley Swing Arm Kit, Harley Dyna Swing Arm Rebuild Kit, Biker Parts Superstore - www. Designed to use stock axles and spacers as well as stock pivot bearings. Free shipping. This ensured they were the same height. The "FALL AWAY" must be at minimum factory specification (the lock to lock sweep). The The laser-lines wheel alignment system utilizes two laser beams to set up a perfectly straight line to easily and accurately adjust front to rear wheel alignment. Choose items to buy together. Wheel alignment becomes a greater problem, too – it’s much easier to make adjustments to a wheel attached on both sides. $99. Aftermarket Harley Davidson Motor Mounts and Stabilizing System. You should have a copy of the genuine HD manual specific for your year and model bike. Kit includes swingarm, axles and all necessary components for the primary offset. The lateral flex within the swing arm pivot shaft distorts the front to rear wheel alignment and thus the wobble. The engine must be in level in the verticle. Because the rear When Harley-Davidson started rubber mounting their engines in FLT & FXR models it was a big hit with many riders. Always disconnect battery for safety. The adoption of rear suspension systems for several motorcycle manufacturers began after World War II, but motorcycles using rear suspension systems were already sold before the First World War. SPONSORED. Honestly, always thought the swingarm was a little short for the fender alignment from the factory. bikerpartsuperstore. . An easy and quite inexpensive fix is to install a Progressive Suspension Touring Link to stabilize the swingarm. securing the rear mount. Simply extending the swing-arm adds roughly the same amount to the wheelbase since the “at rest” or normally loaded position is approximately horizontal. The easiest way to check rear wheel alignment on a Dyna is by the two little "witness marks" on the rear swing arm. It's worse if the swing arm, frame, or fork tubes are twisted or bent This motorbike stand completely lifts the rear wheel of any dual swingarm motorcycle for maintenance and repairs. To gain access to the inner edge of the block (next to swing arm) perform Steps 17 through 19. I secure one on each side of the rear wheel. The illustrated swing arm support assembly facilitates assembly of the motorcycle 10. To upgrade the pre 2002 FL, here is a How-To on cheaply replacing the poor parts Harley stuck you with. During assembly, the swing arm assembly (e. Yana Shiki® Swingarm Extension. With all connectors snugged up and checking alignment with laser mounted to motorcycle rear wheel rotor and sidecar hub. Someone told me it could be the swing arms got tweeked and the tire isn't riding straight up and down. Frankenstein Trikes Sport Trike Axle Kit Rear End Swing Arm Harley Sportster XL. See figure 1. Harley rear swing arm alignment Harley rear swing arm alignment Note: Swing Arm not in production at this time. Weld the top, outside end and bottom edges of the mounting block to the frame. 60. Road Glide suspension alignment. The tables below were created to be a guide for determining how large a wheel/tire size one can fit into a stock motorcycle withough having to undergo modification. I leveled up the left side of the swing arm. Press bearings into Champion Swing Arm in the same way as the OEM Swing Arm. These two marks are just forward of the axle. The belt cannot tolerate any miss-alignment between the front and rear drive pulleys. NOTE: ALL "REAR CONNECTIONS" REQUIRE MOLDING AND PAINTING. Use the Revenge Cycle alignment tool to verify the adjustments made to each axle adjuster are equal. Turn clockwise to decrease deflection (increase tension). Ships from and sold by SMC E-Lure. . Uneven Wear on Rear Tire. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. The overriding advantage of the double-sided swingarm is rigidity. Harley Swing Arm Bushing, Harley Swing Arm Mounting Kit, Harley Swing Arm Kit, Harley Dyna Swing Arm Rebuild Kit, Biker Parts Superstore - www. Harley is so bad about changing this type of thing that it's almost impossible to keep up with. For high hp it does no good just to upgrade the bearings in a stock FXR swingarm. In answer to Luke in Texas, here is your info mate, a simple way to align the back wheel out a Harley Davidson. place. $181. ·. The swing-arm’s length, measured between the pivot shaft and the rear axle, is an important function of handling not only as an absolute but as a proportion of the wheelbase. Amount: Harley-Davidson Menu More years back than I care to remember, I was taught how to check a motorcycle’s wheel alignment using a piece of kite string. Shop Services. Chain alignment is easy too, as it’s usually done via an eccentric adjuster on the end of the swingarm. My process of alignment / adjustment of the rear tire, simply measure the distance between dead center on the head of the axel bolt to the apex point on the rear of the swing-arm (as shown in illustration 2b below lol) or use the handy tool as shown below. 12 and 13. so false alarm! 42,479 Posts. I'm not sure if the road king has the dimple in the side of the swingarm or not like the Wide Glide does. • R & R your Swing Arm, Belt Drive, Swing Arm Pivot Shaft, and Rear Wheel. A major part of the frame alignment that often gets overlooked is the swing arm (if applicable). This guy has a good write up of the method. New Complete 1450cc Revtech 88" Black & Chrome Engine Motor Harley Evolution Evo. 2021 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim. Measurements : The complete stroke of the shock is Fits: 1991-2017 Harley Dyna FXD Motor mount system replaces the inadequate stock mounts Rear mount has two separate aligned damper bushings that are clamped in an aluminum housing to increase control of the lateral and torsional movement of the swing arm Refer to the Harley Davidson service manual for the model and year before installing the kit. Swing Arm Alignment Checking & Adjustment. Follow the procedure in the appropriate service manual for your motorcycle for rear wheel alignment. All touring riders know about the wobbling, weaving and rear steering felt on rubber mount Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles. We do stress quality, and all Crazy Frank products are guarenteed against defects in materials and workmanship. Champion Swing Arm a. Come to find out I had the wrong comp. Brand new. I know the rear mounts on later 1979 and up have toe in adjustment, but have do you adjust toe in on the 1978 and back square swing arm mount. (THAT IS WHAT IS NEEDED TO IMPROVE STABILITY). However, its original name was swing fork or pivoted fork. There is a piece of channel that is part of the Harley frame that connects the two sides of the frame together.

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